Bill – Age 63

“I have worked here for a very long time, I love it when actors return once they are well known and we recognise each other, I feel like I have been on their journey with them. Now I am older and I do not have the same pressures of work and bills I feel a lot calmer and can take the time to do the things I really enjoy.”

My job is just communication really, talking to people, making them feel relaxed and comfortable. I can see things a lot differently as I’ve gone through my 50s. There was a big celebration when I was 50 and then they gave me a big surprise party when I was 60. My mind isn’t as rushed and I feel a lot more content and calmer as I’m getting older and that pleases me. Before you know it the decades just elapse, so I take it as it comes and just enjoy every moment.

 I have felt a feeling of contentment, worth and value when they threw that surprise party for me. I’ve met so many different people from all walks of life. Because I’ve been here a period of time now people come back and they remember me and I remember them and I say ‘you were in such and such a play’ and they’re stunned and can’t believe that I remember. There’s big actors now and they started as juniors in the pantomime, or whatever, and now they’re big stage names in the West End or Shakespeare and I’m pleased I’ve been on that journey with them.

I go for singing lessons as well. As you get older you do do more because when you’re in your younger years you’re working very hard to pay the bills and the mortgage but as you’re older things are a bit calmer as you don’t need to work to earn money like you did as a younger person.