Christine – Age 65

“I don’t worry so much about what people think of me now but I did when I was younger. I think it’s important to choose a career that you’ll enjoy. My job as a secretary at the House of Lords let me stand in for the Queen for a sound check which was great fun.”

I’ve lived in Brighton for 25 years. I was widowed at 50 but I have a new partner now. I’ve always been a secretary, probably the most exciting place I’ve worked is the House of Lords, it was so interesting, you were working on things that you’d see on the News at 10, you felt at the centre of everything.

One time I had to stand in for the queen at the House of Parliament for a sound check, that was fun. I think it’s tougher now days, as a young person myself I worried a lot about what people thought of me but my advice would be to choose a career that you’ll enjoy.