Fiver – Age 54

“I am an emerging artist, but I think because of my age I am underestimated. People just see my wrinkles. Recently when sketching the naked bike ride, I got really caught up in it so I just stripped off and cycled with them. It was brilliant!”

I’m an emerging artist and I’m not young. I think because of my age, and being a woman of my age, I’m underestimated. It does help to have blue hair, but it still does happen a lot, that people think, ‘You do this? But you’re a middle aged woman.’ You can see it in their eyes that they’re thinking, ‘But you’ve got wrinkles and stuff.’

Confidence is work, you need to just say, ’I don’t care what people think’. I know that it’s hard to do that when you haven’t done it before but it starts with small things; thinking, ‘I don’t care that my hair’s a mess today, I’m going to go to the cafe anyway.’ Do something you want to do and don’t care that you’re too old that you’re not supposed to be doing it.

My mother used to wear leather miniskirts in her 50s when she was a teacher and lots of people thought that that was outrageous, but she had great legs so why shouldn’t she wear a leather miniskirt?