Husnul – Age 50

“Community is so important because we support each other. Without community you can’t do anything. Our group of women get together for food, friendship, and fun, but whatever we do we make sure to have a laugh about it.”

I find English people really friendly, they are so nice. If I see someone in a park or community centre then I talk to them. My boys are very nice and very helpful, they love to come and help here with the health walk and charity work.

Here, they take older people to care homes, but in Bangladesh we look after ourselves and don’t take to them care homes. Here, people are busy, but in Bangladesh there are lots of nieces and grandchildren available at home to look after older people. It’s not sad but it’s a difference in time. If you have enough people to look after, it’s fine, but you need to make sure older people are safe and secure too.