Jackie – Age 56

“The young often think older people do not have as much energy, but I have more now than ever. I like it that I feel more confident and experienced. I love being able to express my creativity and ideas whilst working at the Theatre Royal and by volunteering in the local community.”

I’ve had quite a few memorable moments. One year we had a young writer’s contest and we did a performance of their scripts and that was great to see we got the scheme off the ground. We also produced our own Christmas show and the first year we did that that was really fantastic, creating something that hadn’t been done before. 

I seem to have lots of energy at the moment and I like being confident enough now to use my experience and to be confident in my ideas, my creativity. I’m doing more things now and making more things happen. I’m part of a couple of local organisations where I volunteer. I’m very active, I tend not to be stuck behind a desk very long. This building has a lot of stairs too, so that helps keep me fit!