Liz – Age 69

“I always say believe in yourself, value who you are, be kind and be generous. I worked in education which was educating for me too. I love the freedom of being retired, I went on a train across Canada on my own for 4 days and loved it.”

I’ve been retired for 9 years. I joined U3A about 8 years ago. I swim, I bowl, I go to a choir. I used to work at the University of Brighton. I worked there for 27 years. I worked in the business school which was an incredible mix of individuals, working in education is quite an educating thing for the person who is there as well. Believe in yourself and don’t take any notice when people put you down.

Value who you are, be kind, be generous. I like the freedom of being retired, it’s wonderful. As long as your health is good you can do so much, and you can do good as well, there’s a lot to do out there. I’m not into excitement but I did go on a train across Canada, I travelled on my own for 4 days and I loved it. I’m not an adventure junky though.

At the moment I’m doing up my home. I want to do more in the community as well because I think it’s time to give something back. I think everyone should be allowed the freedom we are. I think it’s a shame that nowadays I would only be retired for 1 year but I’ve enjoyed 8 wonderful years already. I think valuing yourself is so important when you’re growing up. It’s important to know your own limits and reach out and do what you want to do and believe in yourself.