Maud – Age 90

“I started nursing in 1947 before the NHS existed, it was very strict, you couldn’t be married but you could travel and get a job. I came to Brighton for six weeks and I’m still here. When I first retired, I worked in cancer prevention for women. I still miss nursing.”

I’m a retired nurse. I was a ward manager. I liked looking after patients. The most memorable thing was when I qualified and got my exams, it was an achievement. Whatever it is, try and stick with it. Whatever, the job is, keep going. I don’t feel I’m retired really. I’m so frustrated because I can’t do all the things I’d like to because of my hip but I enjoy being retired, there’s lots of things to do to occupy yourself.

I work in the charity. One of the things, when I retired, I worked with the Women’s Cancer Prevention, going to different factories and places which I found extremely interesting. It was so totally different to anything I’d ever done. I don’t have any spare time, I work in a charity shop, I do various things in the church, I visit my friends. I think I’ve always been very open about things, I’m not very biased and I’m willing to see other’s point of view.

I came to Brighton aged 59 for 6 weeks and I’m still here. I’ve seen great changes. I feel like life changes and you’ve got to go with the changes. You may not like them, but you need to accept them. I think to be able to say that’s your opinion, I don’t agree with you but let’s not argue about it, is important. I miss my nursing very much. If I had the choice I’d do every bit of it all over again. When I started to nursing in 1947 it was very strict, you couldn’t be married, but it was a passport for life, you could travel anywhere in the world and have a job and that’s something to be very proud of.