Maznah – Age 70

“I am from Malaysia and came here 40 years ago. I love meeting people and hearing their life stories. My advice is that whatever you do, no matter how menial it is, put your heart into it and take pride in your work.”

I was born in Malaysia and I met my husband when he was in Malaysia, We got married and came back to England because of his job. I’ve lived here for about 40 years now. I’ve got one son, three grandchildren.

I used to do cooking at the Hop 50+; that was about 15 years ago – and now I do voluntary work there. My favourite part of the job was meeting people and hearing their life story, how interesting. Sometimes we played Scrabble, which was quite nice.

My most memorable experience was visiting a lady with Parkinson’s disease. She was very strong and she wouldn’t let Parkinson’s beat her. She had meals on wheels which come in, she heats it up herself. We play Scrabble and you can see her dribbling away, trying to… just so impressive to see someone who is so determined that nothing beats her. It sets a good example for me as well, in my old age.

I would advise a young person today, that whatever work you do, be interested in it. No matter how poor and menial it is, as long as you’re interested in it, you can go far.

What I like most about being retired, is not having to get up at a certain time in the morning. You can plan your day as you go along. Some days you have to plan, but most of the time is your own. Having more time to spend with grandchildren as well.

The most exciting thing I have done, since I have stopped working, is travelling. I’ve been China, Japan, and New Zealand. I have been able to do all of those things since retirement.

Living in Brighton since I’ve been retired, there has been no difference really. There are lots of facilities. It’s better when you’re retired. There are more things you can tap into, go to, and the facilities in Brighton are plentiful for retired people.

Being aged over 50, it’s just an age, just a number.

If I could give a young person any advice it would be to enjoy every day of your life, because you just don’t know what tomorrow brings.