Norma – Age 83

“Brighton is such a lively place to live, always changing and so much going on, its wonderful. My advice is when you are young don’t think too much, just get on and enjoy what you are offered. Don’t take offence easily or dwell too much on a single episode in your life, just live.”

I’m 83 and I’m widowed now, 4 children, 5 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. I was a part-time school secretary and then I was an actress. My favourite part was the rehearsals. My most memorable bit was getting a part in Eastenders. My character was only in 3 episodes though. Just attack whatever you’re given and just enjoy it.

I don’t always like being retired because you wake up and think, ‘what am I going to do today?’. But you don’t have to do anything, you can do anything you like. Mundane things like looking after my grandchildren, spending time with family, going to the bowls, I just love them, life’s good. Don’t think too much, just get on and enjoy what you’re given. When you’re young you take even the slightest sentence or episode and make so much of it, but you don’t need to think about things so much, just live.