Raminda – Age 58

“I miss having my family around me but I’m happy here, and with travel being so easy the world is getting smaller. The most important thing is to be happy, be genuine in what you do, and help people – I put that as part of my agenda in life!”

I was born in Brighton but I grew up in Singapore and lived there for until I got married and came to England. So I now live here in Brighton. I’ve got a daughter who’s 17 and most of my family are outside England.

I was an accountant and now I do community service. That’s all I do now really, a lot of community work.

My favourite part of my job is meeting people, making a difference in their lives, seeing how much people give of their time and themselves.

Words of wisdom I would give to my younger daughter – whatever you do in life, be happy and help people. Put that as part of your agenda in life. That is very important.

The most important values for me are family, friends – being part of their life. Also honesty, sincerity – be genuine in whatever you do.

My favourite thing about living in Singapore was having my family around me. That’s what I would go back for, if I went back. I miss being part of the community and my family there, that’s what I miss the most. I’m very happy living here. As the world gets smaller, travel is so easy, I can bridge that gap as well.

What I think is, for minority ethnic women, sometimes it’s difficult for them to come out in the community, because of language and other cultural things. A group like ours, which is a multicultural women’s group, actually gives them a platform where they can come and meet other people and actually develop themselves and their personal skills, in an environment which is comfortable for them. As they slowly grow and integrate into the community, then we are in a position for us to give back into the community, as well. If you don’t have a platform like this, sometimes you don’t see that everybody can come into the community that easily.