Rose – Age 66

“The best part of my playing badminton is the interaction with other people. If I could give any words of wisdom I would say to be conscientious, polite and courteous to other people. Take every opportunity and don’t be scared, just go for it.”

I’ve got four grandchildren – two of them live in Berlin, so I go over there quite a bit to go and see them. I worked at BHASVIC (Brighton, Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College) until I was 60, running the office there. Since I retired, I joined U3A and did loads of stuff really.

My favourite part of my job was the people, meeting the people. I had a really good relationship with the staff and the students. I loved that.

If I could give some words of wisdom to the younger generation, it would be to take every opportunity and don’t be scared. Just go for it.

My favourite part of being retired is not getting up in the morning! Not having the routine, being able to please yourself.

To keep myself fit, I play tennis, I play badminton, I do a lot of walking, a bit of swimming. I played badminton a bit when I was younger, probably around my 30s. Then I took it up again about 5 years ago. The best thing for me about playing badminton is all the interaction with other people, as I’m a very social person. Obviously the keeping fit as well, and that it’s really fun.

Living in Brighton as a retired person is fine. There’s loads to do – theatres, cinemas – it gets a bit busy, I think. I don’t like going into town in the summer, there’s too many students. Otherwise it’s fine, I like it – I’ve lived here all my life.

If I could give words of advice to young people going into work, it would be to be conscientious, polite, and courteous to other people and try to enjoy it really – make the most of the opportunities.